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Member Loyalty Bonus

Introducing the Member Loyalty Bonus, something we have planned since the inception of SGS!  This is a way for us to thank you, our members, for not only being an SGS member but for helping us grow the membership, as well!

Ok, we know this sounds to good to be true-we're gonna give you money just for being a member? In short, yes, but there are some conditions.  You MUST be actively signed up and current with one of our value-added services in order to qualify to receive your Bonus.  This helps us and all of you to avoid some fairly serious legal hassles so it's in everyone's interest to make sure you sign up for a service as soon as possible after you sign up for SGS Membership!

And to be clear, this is NOT your typical program-we are not talking earning reward points, or miles that you will see in other programs.  We are talking real money that we are giving back.  How much money? Well, it will start small, but it will grow over time.  You'll find that in fairly short order, it could grow to cover your membership fee, then perhaps one of the services you have signed up for.  Wait a little longer and you could start seeing your Loyalty Bonus start competing with your income!  

How is this possible?  Head over to the Compensation Plan to see how it works in detail, but the nutshell version is that we are giving back some of the money from the membership fee and then multiply that using a proprietary algorithm.  Want to earn more? Help spread the word about SGS-5 new members that you refer can make a huge difference!  Of course, referring is not required!


We hope you're starting to get excited about the possibilities the Loyalty Bonus could hold for you and your future!  


Questions? Head over to the FAQ section and see if your answer can be found there.  If not, get in touch and we'll be happy to answer your question!

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