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Consumer Legal Plan

Legal issues can be confusing, complicated, and even a little embarrassing. Save time, save money, and protect yourself and your family with a legal plan. 

  • Speak with your attorney on an unlimited number of personal legal issues

  • Your attorney can review contracts and draft documents

  • One plan covers your whole family, including pre-existing issues

  • Estate planning documents, including Standard Will, Financial Power of Attorney, Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney plus advice and yearly updates

  • Traffic tickets, accidents and more

  • Medical Directive

  • Available 24/7 for emergencies and 4 hours or less to standard inquiries

Gun Owner Supplemental Plan

Owning guns increases the potential liability of our members. To better protect yourself and your family, consider adding LegalShield’s Gun Owner Supplement. 

  • Unlimited phone consultations and 24/7 emergency access

  • Trial defense services on civil and criminal lawsuits

  • NFA Gun Trust services

  • Peace of Mind

Handgun and  Ammunition
Gun Owners
Home Business

Home Business Supplement

If you are the only employee in your home business, our Home Business Supplement gives you access to legal support so you can have peace of mind. Focus on working your business while LegalShield focuses on protecting your legal needs and rights. 

  • Unlimited consultation

  • IRS Audit services

  • Letters, phone calls and collection letters.

Working from Home
Smart Phone Call

Listeners on Call

We know everyone has something they need to share - but not everyone has someone to Listen. Our team of trained Listeners connect anonymously and privately so you have a place to turn when you need to talk. Whatever you’re facing, there’s a Listener who can relate and take your call.


Our Listeners have a wide variety of life experiences that help you connect with someone who can truly relate to what you’re experiencing. Whether it’s Social Isolation, Work & Career or Family topics, we have a LIstener who has been there.


With Listeners On Call, you receive an hour a month with a trained Listener of your choice. Plus, you receive 20% off of all calls beyond the included monthly time. 


You always have a place to share with Listeners On Call.

Ride Share Delivery Supplement

When you drive for a living, the chances of receiving a ticket go up exponentially. Paying fines cuts into your income and points on your driving record can disqualify you from working for popular rideshare and delivery services.

  • Unlimited calls and consultation

  • Document review to protect you

  • 25% discounts on legal matters outside of your plan.

Ride Shar

Commercial Driver Legal Plan

As a commercial driver, your livelihood depends upon being on the road and unexpected legal situations can arise every day. With LegalShield you and your spouse will have access to a qualified law firm when you need it. On and off the road, we’re here to help you with any legal matter from the trivial to the traumatic. 

  • Non-criminal moving and non-moving violations.

  • License reinstatement

  • Tragic Accident Representation

  • CSA Consultation

  • and MUCH more!

Special SGS member pricing saves you money every month + the $25 signup fee is WAIVED!

Commercial Driver

Consumer IDShield Protection Plan

The most comprehensive identity protection and reputation management solution available. IDShield provides TransUnion credit monitoring and alerts, social media and dark web monitoring for enhanced privacy protection,  privacy expert support and an identity restoration guarantee.  

  • Credit Bureau Monitoring

  • Dark Web Monitoring

  • Social Security Number

  • Social Media Scanning

  • Unlimited Consultation

  • Delete Data Brokers

  • Financial Account Monitoring

  • Reputation Management 


IDShield for Business Protection Plan

Cyberattacks can devastate your business’s reputation and put your customers and employees at risk. By scanning your networks, we discover and fix vulnerabilities while staying on top of new risks. And we’ll provide you with a specialist to help resolve the vulnerabilities remotely.

  • Automated monthly scans and vulnerability reports

  • Professional help resolving cyber risks.

  • Coverage for losses incurred as a result of a cyberattack to facilitate a quick recovery.

IDShield Business


The policies or their provisions may vary or be unavailable in all states. The policies have exclusions and limitations which may affect any benefits payable. See the individual policy or the group certificate, as applicable, or your representative for specific provisions and details of availability.

You must maintain your SGS membership to retain any SGS services, discounts or benefits.  Cancellation of either your SGS membership and/or your insurance coverage will result in your inability to re-enroll for coverage for a period of 1 year.

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