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You've never seen an affiliate program like the one SGS offers, earn lifetime* commissions on the work you do once! Help SGS increase our membership and earn lifetime commissions for as long as the members you generate remain members.  

Most affiliate marketing programs rely on you to continue to hit a monthly traffic quota in order to make a consistent amount of money every month.  SGS believes that the work you do to help us grow should be rewarded in a cumulative way; this means the more members you generate for SGS, the higher your monthly earnings will be!  How large can you go? View the Compensation Plan to see just how much you can make by helping us grow!  

Some rules to know up front-you will be required to become an SGS member-we are strong believers that you should know what it is you are referring people to through affiliate links.  Secondly, you will need to take advantage of one of our amazing products in order to qualify for commissions. However, we have many products to choose from and likely some you either already use, or products that you would like to have or need, but haven't been able to afford until check out the Products above, find one that works for you and join up now! And rest easy knowing that you are helping people find the healthcare coverage and other helpful products they so desperately need!

*Lifetime commissions mean for the lifetime of the members who sign up using your affiliate link; if they cancel their membership at any time, you will lose the commission they were generating for you.

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