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Affiliates Compensation Plan

The SGS Affiliates Compensation Plan utilizes a standard Matrix style tree structure; as an Affiliate, you will be at the head of a member tree and a portion of every monthly membership fee will flow up the tree to you.  

The Affiliates Compensation Plan is a 5x6 Matrix, with a total of 19,530 members with a total payout of up to $40,000/month.  The breakdown is as follows: 

Branch 1: $.50/member/month 

Branch 2: $.75/member/month

Branch 3: $1.00/member/month

Branch 4: $1.00/member/month

Branch 5: $2.00/member/month

Branch 6: $2.12/member/month

Every time a branch gets filled with members, any new members automatically flow into your next branch, which takes the headache out of managing that portion of your affiliate marketing.  

And the best part? Signing up using the button below allows you to get SGS Membership for only $1/month for your first 3 months-which gives you the time you need to start building your member tree before paying the full affiliate monthly membership of $24.95.  

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