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Crypto Investing


Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and are experiencing unprecedented growth and they are proving themselves not only a viable investment vehicle, but a bonafide method of payment and financial security.  

SGS members can enjoy the latest promotions from Webull, one of the leaders in not only stocks and options trading, but crypto trading, as well.  Members who sign up for a Webull account and make any deposit of $5 or more can quality for free stocks and/or free money to invest (based on current Webull promotions at the time).  

Start with or add crypto to your investment portfolio today and experience what crypto can do for you! 

Crypto Payment Processing

Credit Card Purchase

With the rise of crypto currencies being accepted at more and more mainstream retail and online outlets, it's important to keep with the technology and begin offering crypto payments to your customers, as well! The security and strength of crypto rises with each passing day and it won't be long before businesses that don't accept crypto will be left behind.  

Poynt offers acceptance of over 10 cryptocurrencies and more are being added; their solution offers not only competitive rates on normal credit/debit payment processing, but also a flat 1% on all crypto payment processing, daily settlement, no hidden fees and unlimited transactions!


You must maintain your SGS membership to retain any SGS services, discounts or benefits.  Cancellation of either your SGS membership and/or your products will result in your inability to re-enroll for a period of 1 year.  Financial investment carries inherent risks and neither Shared Group Savings, Inc. nor its partners can or will guarantee performance, profits or financial benefit by becoming a member or customer of offered products or services. By creating accounts with our partners, you signify your agreement to this risk and to the terms and conditions set forth in their respective legal disclosures and agreements.

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