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Discount Cell Phone Service

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We are thrilled to be able to offer *significantly discounted cell phone service through the Visible Wireless, which uses the Verizon network; Mint Mobile, which uses T-Mobile, and Red Pocket, who offers service on Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T! 


Visible offers a "Party Pay" option that allows SGS to let our members join our "party" that unlocks $25/month unlimited talk/text/data cell phone service! 

Sign up is super simple and once your service is activated, you can join our party to get a $15/month discount on your service!  And every month you refer a new customer to the Visible service, your bill is only $5! Start saving HUGE on your wireless bill by signing up today!

Mint reviews very well and offers a unique month-to-month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month payment options.  There are savings and advantages for each option, and when you're done with the current payment plan, you can change or keep the same one to take advantage of new payment savings or changing financial conditions in your life. Flexibility is a pretty nice feature to have when it comes to what you pay for your cell service!


If you want overall best value and compatibility with your current carrier, this is the option for you.  You can bring unlocked GSM or AT&T/Verizon/TMobile-compatible phones to this carrier and you have a good chance of your current phone working.  

We've been impressed by the very competitive pricing and features, particularly around data, with Red Pocket.  Check them out today!

*PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT need to be an SGS member to participate in these discounts.  Shared Group Savings, LLC is no way affiliated or legally connected to any of the aforementioned entities on this page. We do not guarantee their service nor make any representations of quality on their behalf. We list these companies strictly as a method of saving additional monies on services you already pay for and your registration, use and/or contact with the aforementioned entities on this page indicates your acknowledgement of this disclaimer and these facts and that you will not hold Shared Group Savings, LLC legally responsible for savings, real or imagined, from the aforementioned entities.


You are only able to obtain a $15/month discount on your monthly wireless service by joining a "Party." Not every phone will be compatible with the Visible service so please ensure compatibility using the Visible website prior to purchase. If your phone is not compatible, new phones and trade-in programs are available through Visible. 


The policies have exclusions and limitations which may affect your final bill.  These exclusions and limitations are at the sole discretion of the service provider and SGS has no control nor liability over changes to the aforementioned policies and/or exclusions. Visit the provider's website directly for specific information. Please refer to Visible/Mint Mobile/Red Pocket website for more information on their service and policies.

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