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Members Compensation Plan

The SGS Members Compensation Plan utilizes a standard Matrix style tree structure; as a member, you will be at the head of a member tree and a portion of every monthly membership fee will flow up the tree to you.  

The Members Compensation Plan is a 5x6 Matrix, with a total of 19,530 members with a total payout of up to $10,000/month.  The breakdown is as follows: 

Branch 1: $.50/member/month 

Branch 2: $.75/member/month

Branch 3: $1.00/member/month

Branch 4: $1.00/member/month

Branch 5: $1.50/member/month

Branch 6: $0.30/member/month

Every time a branch gets filled with members, any new members automatically flow into your next branch, easy, right?  

And the best part? You'll be helping real people not only save real money, but start earning a side income that can provide a real retirement!


Now, obviously, there are Terms and Conditions, so make sure that you read through those and understand that we must abide by certain laws and regulations.  


How about some FAQs? We're sure you have some questions!


Q - How is this not a pyramid scheme or a MLM?

A - Let's be very, very clear-pyramid schemes are ILLEGAL and we would not engage in that kind of "business model." Let's borrow the definition of a pyramid scheme from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the government department who oversees these things: "Pyramid schemes now come in so many forms that they may be difficult to recognize immediately. However, they all share one overriding characteristic. They promise consumers or investors large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join their program, not based on profits from any real investment or real sale of goods to the public."  You can visit this link to go and read through their website where they discuss this in more detail.  

For our purposes, there are two primary distinctions that we want to address: first, we require ALL members to sign up and pay for one of the services we offer before they can receive any Loyalty Bonus monies from SGS.  This ensures there is a financial transaction for a real product and/or service prior to any payouts occurring.  The second distinction is that we are not hammering our members with pressure to get more members in order to achieve the maximum monthly payout listed above.  The system will build your tree automatically; obviously, when our members share SGS with others, we grow faster and Bonus payouts go up as a result.  These distinctions also serve for us to separate ourselves from multi-level marketing companies.  While we do have tiers or levels of payouts, we don't have specified ranks and we don't have monthly quotas/points/earnings to achieve.  

Q - Is this legal? 
A - We have discussed this business model with legal professionals, insurance brokers and other interested parties to ensure that we are not exposing ourselves or our members to any legal consequences as no one wins in that situation.  So yes, it IS legal!  Should you still have doubts, please consult your own legal counsel as we cannot offer legitimate legal advice.


Q - Won't the members at the bottom of the tree always earn less than those at the top?
A - One of the benefits of our system is that our memberships will be fully transferable as legal assets, which means they can be bequeathed (we are currently working on the legal paperwork for members to accomplish this) and written into wills.  

And it's important to remember that our membership will be constantly changing and adding new members across all demographics.  We will never hit even 50% market saturation, which means there are always new people to become members and the system grows automatically so it does all the work for you.  You can help grow your Loyalty Bonus faster by helping us spread the word-just 5 new members can make a huge difference for you.   

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