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Young Family

Coming together for greater savings!

Only $19.95/month!

Membership Perks

  • exclusive access to SGS insurance exchange

  • members-only savings from brand partners

  • members drive new products & services

  • savings are nationwide and even international

  • and many more...

We offer much more than just insurance and are always adding new services to maximize the value of our membership.  And the more members we have, the better negotiating power we have!

Happy Family
Happy Family

NOTE: Any pricing provided by this website is subject to change by the individual carriers and/or providers of those services







Enjoy the freedom to have your benefits and other services follow you from job to job. And you pick which services are right for you.

Choose from a wide variety of solutions to find the best fit for your specific situation. Add coverage when you need it!

Your coverage isn't tied to your job any longer-it belongs to you, not your employer and you get great coverage without high cost

Wanna know more? Check out our services!

About SGS

SGS was created to offer an alternative to individuals and businesses for benefits and other services that serve the needs of the member while delivering a premium that doesn't bankrupt the member. 

SGS is all about packing value into our membership that can bring real, positive impact in as many parts of our member's lives as possible.


The way this works is that we provide a large group of consumers and businesses to carriers for a negotiated group rate.


Win #1: both individuals and small businesses alike take advantage of rates they would never have access to on their own without worrying about changes in their population affecting their premiums; the size of our group mitigates the risk.


Win #2: both individuals and small businesses never have to deal with COBRA or qualifying periods because the benefits are owned by the individual, drastically reducing overhead for businesses and creating huge value for individuals.



Ron Stewart


The originator of the SGS concept, he has worked in transportation for over 20 years in various capacities.

A true visionary, he is passionate about helping others and is excited to continue bringing value-added services to our members!


Philip Kelley

Member Services

Ron’s original co-founder, Phil’s technical background helped flesh out exactly what was needed to bring SGS into reality.

He oversees Member Services and works tirelessly to ensure your experience is smooth, seamless and continually amazing!


Tim Adams


A 20+ year veteran of video production and more recently video marketing, Tim's experience has seen him work in many verticals and industries, greatly expanding his working knowledge of social media marketing, PPC, SEM and digital marketing as a whole.  


Tim is instrumental in crafting, honing and maintaining consistent messaging and the SGS brand.

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