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Coming together for greater savings!

Membership Perks

  • exclusive access to SGS insurance exchange

  • members-only savings from brand partners

  • members drive new products & services

  • savings are nationwide and even international

  • and many more...

We offer much more than just insurance and are always adding new services to maximize the value of our membership.  And the more members we have, the better negotiating power we have!

NOTE: Any pricing provided by this website is subject to change by the individual carriers and/or providers of those services

Only $19.95/month!

Happy Family
Happy Family

About SGS

SGS was created to offer access to high demand products and services that are more affordable  for individuals, families and businesses.  Our normal has changed significantly and with this changing landscape comes uncertainty and the reality of higher costs across most industries.   

SGS is all about packing value into our membership that can bring real, positive impact in as many parts of our member's lives as possible.


We do that by providing a large group of consumers and businesses to our partners for a lower, negotiated rate.




Ron Stewart


The originator of the SGS concept, he has worked in transportation for over 20 years in various capacities.

A true visionary, he is passionate about helping others and is excited to continue bringing value-added services to our members!


Philip Kelley

Member Services

Ron’s original co-founder, Phil’s technical background helped flesh out exactly what was needed to bring SGS into reality.

He oversees Member Services and works tirelessly to ensure your experience is smooth, seamless and continually amazing!

Meet the Team


Homegrown in Vancouver, Washington! 

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