Our suite of Vault plans plan helps small businesses offer quality care affordably and at rates they cannot get on their own!  Small businesses under 50 employees can now offer a benefits program at no cost to the business for their us today to find out how!

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Medical Advanced 2.5
Schedule of Benefits

Kaiser Permanente

One of the go-to carriers, Kaiser has partnered with us to offer you more options.  


Once a registered SGS member, you will be able to visit a custom Kaiser webpage for SGS members, provide a few basic pieces of information and receive a customized quote.

United Healthcare

We are excited to have United Healthcare as a service provider for our members!  


Please note that service options are dependent on your zip code.

Click here to see what options are available in your area!

Listeners on Call

We know everyone has something they need to share - but not everyone has someone to Listen. Our team of trained Listeners connect anonymously and privately so you have a place to turn when you need to talk. Whatever you’re facing, there’s a Listener who can relate and take your call.


Our Listeners have a wide variety of life experiences that help you connect with someone who can truly relate to what you’re experiencing. Whether it’s Social Isolation, Work & Career or Family topics, we have a LIstener who has been there.


With Listeners On Call, you receive an hour a month with a trained Listener of your choice. Plus, you receive 20% off of all calls beyond the included monthly time. 


You always have a place to share with Listeners On Call.

New Service Coming Soon!

HealthiestYou TeleHealth

24/7/365 access competent, professional medical advice from a doctor is only a phone call away!

We all live busy lives on the go and being able to check in with a doctor around your schedule will save you time and can help reduce your stress about what to do next.


$11.00/month Individual, $14.00/month Family.


Your vision is not something to take for granted.  Make sure your family's needs are covered with our discount vision program.  Our negotiated group rates help you maximize the value from your SGS membership!

Discount Plans are $4.00/month Individual, $6.00/month 2-Party and $8.00/month Family



Keep your pearly whites clean, strong and white with our discounted rates available only to our members!

Coverage options include Willamette Dental in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, and nationwide with both Vault & *Colonial; pricing and availability will vary depending on exact coverage needs and location.



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(Oregon, Washington & Idaho ONLY)



What would happen to your family if you became unable to work due to a disability?  Have you thought about it?    With our Disability coverage, you can rest easy knowing that you will be well taken care of!

Coverage options include Individual and Business Owner so if you are an employee or a business owner, we have a plan for you!  



We never anticipate accidents but they do happen; what happens to your income and quality of life while you are recovering?  


*Our supplemental Accident Insurance can help fill in the gaps of any coverage you currently have.

Rates will vary based on the level you choose.


Term Life

Your family’s well-being can be drastically affected if you or your spouse die.  Our Term Life Insurance coverage provides funds to cover bills, loss of income, funeral or memorial service expenses and can even become an investment vehicle towards your retirement*.

This coverage is underwritten and will be based several factors and your exact rate will vary based on these factors.



What if you could find all of your supplemental insurance needs under one roof?  That's exactly what Colonial Life provides to our members!

Regardless of the stage of life you're in, whether you need Cancer, Critical Illness, Accident, Term Life or even Dental coverage, Colonial has you covered*!


(not available in all areas)

United Healthcare

Click here to see what options are available in your area!


Payroll & HR



*Colonial Life products shown are for Washington state only.  The policies or their provisions may vary or be unavailable in all states. The policies have exclusions and limitations which may affect any benefits payable. See the individual policy or the group certificate, as applicable, or your representative for specific provisions and details of availability.

You must maintain your SGS membership to retain any SGS services, discounts or benefits.  Cancellation of either your SGS membership and/or your insurance coverage will result in your inability to re-enroll for coverage for a period of 1 year.